About Nimrod

A home automation project based on the Raspberry Pi, Modbus IO devices and ESP32 modules. The control software is written in C++ and the web configuration is in PHP7, Bootstrap and JQuery and uses MySQL/MariaDB as the database

Some Links

The Nimrod source is available on Github.

Modbus Devices

A number of rs-485 Modbus RTU devices are supported to interface with digital inputs and outputs, voltage, current and temperature. ESP32 WiFi devices are also supported.

What can you do with it ?

  • Input events can be switches, temperature values, voltage levels or time of day
  • Turn on one or more output ports when an input event occurs
  • Input switch events can be a click, double click or long click, each can trigger different output actions
  • Input events can be chained together, e.g. if time is 6:30am and temperature sensor #2 is < 15 deg then turn on output #7 for 30 minutes
Nimrod Build 1852, nimrod-0.2.3.tgz
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